Clinitas Soothe® Multi

Clinitas Soothe® Multi

Rapid acting and effective relief of dry, gritty or irritated eyes with the highest concentration of Sodium Hyaluronate in a multi-use, preservative-free bottle.

Clinitas Soothe Multi

Unique formulation

0.4% Sodium Hyaluronate

Highest strength NaHA available

Preservative free (no vanishing preservatives)

Gentle lasting relief

Contact lens friendly

Moisturising and lubricating

The same formulation as Clinitas Soothe vials but in a 10ml multi-dose, preservative-free bottle.Now with a new softer squeeze bottle. Once opened, the bottle remains sterile to use for up to 3 months.

Product information

The great benefits of Clinitas Soothe Multi stabilise and boost the tear film. It is a preservative-free eye drop in a multi-dose form. The bottle is light, compact and great for frequent users.

It has the highest concentration of sodium hyaluronate (0.4% NaHA), which occurs naturally in the eye and hydrates the tear film, this helps provide long lasting comfort protection.

The lubricant, moisturising and protective qualities of sodium hyaluronate relieve irritation, dryness, burning and foreign body sensation due to environmental factors (wind, sun, smoke, dry air), visual stress (excessive use of light, computers) or mechanical factors (contact lenses use, after ocular surgery), providing long lasting relief.


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